DaveFu is posting on TikTok now (why women file for 80% of divorces)


Dave knows how to use paragraphs, and space out his thoughts.
This guy can’t even get his breathing right.

My doctor has gotten my meds right since then.

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He’s not wrong.

You can tell this guy has been burned by a woman and more than likely hates women b/c of it.

That’s a lumpy fucking forehead.

I’ll allow it.

What a “unique” take on things!

You should stick to picture and gif replies.

Do you think you’re coming off as not creepy or emotionally stable to follow me around over a petty thread? I still do not understand what you think your “gotchya” moment is, but you are creepy to follow me around multiple threads.

Is that what you do? Follow people around who upset you on the internet? That’s who DaveFu is I guess, a mental midget. I guess I can expect to see you following me around for an undisclosed time period.


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I thought dude was gay. Who woulda known?

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He’s not wrong… but for what it’s worth if my wife no longer brought the value I expected her to bring to the equation I’d get rid of her too.

How you doin?

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I don’t agree that it is due to women not giving unconditional love to men.

It’s that women value security much more than men. This is evolutionarily driven and makes sense as the primary caretakers of children for most of human history have been women. It is why an ugly, fat rich guy gets a hot wife.

I wouldn’t turn it into anything more than that. Men divorce women just as quickly for gaining 100lbs (also evolutionary).

These stats are always flawed, I’d bet if you took out heavy drinking men from the equation this stat goes way down. If you lose your job, don’t drown yourself in drinking or lash out at your wife. She’ll likely not bail, I’d bet odds would be in your favor. I am old enough to to see this stuff play out time and time again.

There seems to be a trend of men acting like bitches on the topic of rejection from women. That shit is highly unattractive to women. Shit happens in life… mental health issues, job loss, etc and it sucks. I’ve been there. But don’t be a victim, see yourself as a hero in your own story like Rogan has said. Try your best and generally women will stay by your side. If not, then fuck ‘em. It’s good that they left, find someone better. Marriage is worth it with the right person, it’s the building block of society. We need to return to our roots.

lol @ women in their late 30’s with 3 kids thinking they can do better than their alcoholic husband with his beer belly.

ppl are delusional about their worth on the dating market. Only guys that are huge losers date women in thier 40’s and older.