Dave's DVD's?

Hey guys,

Does anyone know what's up with Dave's DVD's from Island? I wanted to order all five, but 4 are still VHS only. Any idea when they will be done?



Yeah, I'd like to know too.

Anyone own them yet?


From what I understand there was a technical problem with the
developers - that has been fixed and they are currently converting
again and should be up to speed soon - Just imagine just in time

Hope you enjoy and find they are cool.


TTT for Island and Dave

Sorry guys for the major delay on these DVDs. We shopped the authoring out and it didnt work out. We have taken it in house now and should be complete soon. We will be running a very special deal for all who have been waiting



It would be great if you could get David and US elite judoka Brian Olson to a tape set on footsweeps. VHS also please.


Coming soon , right ???

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