Davey Grant vs. Louis Smolka

Round 3 is gonna be a full on bar fight

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Grants arms are getting heavy


Yeah he throws nothing but power shots. At the end of the first round he was literally leaping into them, he’s gotta fix that

I love to watch the technique of Smolka. Dude is so efficient.

Also like the corner work of Oyama



That ended quickly


Man Smolka has so much potential. Years ago I thought he was a future champ.

High bar for bonuses?


You could tell Grants leg kicks where nasty when he landed the first kick.

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same here dude…
I always hope he shows me something and always get the same result

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Yeah. It has to be mental. All the physical skill is there, and he clearly has great coaches. Something just isn’t clicking mentally.

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I think a sport psychologist would do him good. I had high hopes for him as well

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I agree. There are fights where he looks like champ material then others where he looks like dog shit.

Smolka if you read this, you have the real fans’ respect, you’re a tough bastard. Don’t quit if your heart is still in it and you’re fit to fight again.

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