David Aguzzi !!!

He won another tourny tapping all of his opponents to win the ADVANCED FLYWEIGHT division at Mat Wars. What the hell is GAMMA feeding this kid? He's winning everything. I can't wait to see him fight at the Ontario Invitational. Its too bad I can't stay in Montreal to train with GAMMA, those guys are good.


It was really cool meeting you bro. I'm still upset about the west island bjj teacher yelling at me.

aguzzi I gave you some info on th your supergfight opponent. It's on either the ranked or Atama forum.

Ron was yelling at you because he heard my ankle and knee pop to the heel-hook. Ron knows what heel-hooks can do, how much time it can take from your work and training, and he's also the type of guy who prides himself in never having seriously hurt anybody. As my coach (and he's coached at the international level in other sports), he had a reaction to that. It may not have been enjoyable that he yelled, but I've seen some pretty well known coaches react far, far worse to judges rulings and other stuff that pales to pretty darn insignificance compared to cranking a heel-hook.

Now, again, I hold only myself responsible since I knew the rules and competed willingly, and with any match there's a certain adrenalin flowing, etc. Still, I'm out for a month or more. I would gladly switch that for being yelled at :)

BTW- Aguzzi, I forgot to mention how impressed I was seeing your matches this time. Top and bottom, you fought with great composure, slick combinations, and finished your opponents. Congrats on your win, it was well deserved.

Thanks Rene for the kind words, its too bad that your out for a month, I wish you a good and speedy recovery.

Great Job bro,

You did extremely well. As a coach myself, I understand that the coach was upset but I have to go with you bro, if you don't like the rules don't let your guys compete, otherwise, people do get hurt in tournaments, it wasn't an illegal intentional move. You can't come down on the athletes if an injury occurs, it's part of what we do. I also give props to Rene for acknowledging that and being a good sport about it. Can't wait till you come down to Ottawa, it will be great having you here.

See you on the Mats!


Thanks David, much appreciated.

Did they allow heel hooks


Yup. Pretty much everything from cranks to slams to heel-hooks were allowed. Only the fish-hooking, eyegouging, etc. stuff was banned.

David don't feel too bad about Ron yelling at you. I saw your matches and you weren't cranking any of your submissions. Sometimes injuries happen, it sucks cause Rene is a respectable guy. I wasn't too impressed by Ron's Bobby Knight impersonation, but these things will happen in a competitive environment.
You showed your skills and should be proud. Why no Absolut?

Good job? How many fights? What subs? Fight descriptions?


Ouch...Heel hooks are just bad news man.

Congrats to Aguzzi, looking forward to seeing you compete in my Trials in August.

Rene...get better my man. Sad to hear this news.

Don't want to hijack David's thread. He had an awesome showing, and a well-deserved win.

Ron's no Bobby Knight. He's probably the classiest guy I've met in grappling. I respect his opinion that there are ways of finishing with heel-hooks that are not so immediately injurious, and I respect those who feel any finish with a legal technique is a finish. That's one of the problems with the HH, it's almost as difficult to figure out how much pressure to use as it is to tap in time to avoid injury. Bad news, as SDJ said.

In hindsight, I shoulda just eaten a triangle ;)

Heheheheheh way to go Phil, shouldn't you work at this time?


good stuff dave!

aguzzi is the shit!!

Any Pics or website to see who this kid is?

their might be some on www.ultimefanatic.com

Can't blame Ron..one of his guys got hurt. I agree don't like the rules don't compete..but grapling tourny's are too few and far between in these parts. personally i don't believe heel hooks or slamming has any place in a tournament. Grappling is about catching your opponant and baitng him or her in to something...like chess. It's not about hurting one another. The problem is not even the guy doing the heel hook...the victim may just spin the wrong way to et out and mess up his or her own knee. I saw what happened to Rene and I don't believe Aguzzi intentionally hurt him..he was just trying to win within the rules...and that's what he did, it was fare...I just don't agree with the rules and the fact that because Rene competed over the weekend...is out of training for a month and that his everyday life is affectd by something that could have easily been avoided. Those rules just open too many doors for potential injuries. Besides all that, the tournament seemed pretty good. We need more in our area. Good job to J-F and who ever worked with him to get the tournament running.