David Camarillo???

Dave Camarillo had Carlos "Sapoa" Allejandro with a Temporary Restraining order today. This was his old training partner with Ralph Gracie. They got there Black Belts on the same day.

All over an incident that happened at the Pan Ams. Dave was Challenging him to fight and I remember one of his AKA buddy's pushing Dave away. Now Dave is "afraid" I always thought that Dave was a stand up guy and handled things like a fighter would. Not nessecarily fight but what is this, This is What battered women do. No One was touched. It was just an argument.

I have no respect for Dave anymore.

He did handle it correctly. If he is not supposed to maim the guy, what else is he supposed to do?

No girl involved. Dave got a temporary order that says Sapao must stay 50 yards away. Makes things difficult when they are both at a tournament.

I am a former student of Daves, and I know this story. He is a real cool guy, and you have your facts mixed up about this situation.

I have trained under both, please Cow Hoof tell the story.

"He did handle it correctly. If he is not supposed to maim the guy, what else is he supposed to do? "

Restraining order? what ever. If Dave wanted to fight him there Why is he scared of a guy he would only see at a fight or a tourney.

I think the girl involved is Dave.

There is no girl involved. Ever think that when refusing the one on one situation Sapao made some threats of a different nature? If he chooses I'm sure Dave will come on to give his side, but until then this is all speculation.

No he didnt make any terrorist threats there. I was there. Dave just wants to try to get Sapoa in trouble or something. You cant tell me that the is truly afraid.

Basically its a bitch move

you dont know dave well enough to say the shit you are. anybody who knows Dave, even a little bit--would know that something like this would only happen for a very good reason.

if you want to have the balls to call somebody like Dave out for a "bitch move" then you should have the balls to let your name be known too.

Dave is the epitome of a stand up guy, and would never do anything like
this if it weren't warranted.

What a surprise, Calfslicer trains at Ralph Gracie...seems like he might have some sort of bias huh?

I have always heard that David is a standup guy- dont see anything wrong with getting a restraining order on someone who has made physical threats on you.

What do you prefer them to do? Just fight it out? Are you in High School or something?

If something goes down in the future, the restraining order might tip the scales of justice in his favor?

Insurance policy?

This thread is stupid and needs to die.

I know both and this sound odd!


And calling someone names behind a screename without knowing the whole story isn't a bitch move?

Dave handled this the way we do in the US....professionaly. If you knew the whole story you would realize how ridiculous it really is.

If this guys wants to "fight" in a match against David I'm sure he would do it...or one of his students would be happy to.

If you want the whole story Dave is at www.dcacademy.tv

calfslicer is not hiding behind anything. Click on his name and his real name is right there for all to see.

All you guys are bitches.

I've known Dave since high school. This guy is freaking fearless.

Not one guy on this forum would have the balls to fuck with him in real life. His jiu-jitsu is sick. He's a quiet and sort of mean guy to begin with when he wants to be.

If a restraining order was granted, a judge found it justified and not bullshit. Dave has a major business, is getting married and is an adult. If someone is threatening you, harming your business or anything like that, you have to handle it within the law. These guys aren't 15 and this isn't the wild west.

Once again, NEVER have Dave's skills, toughness or anything been questioned. For any keyboard warrior on here to do it is pure fucking foolishness.

For the record, Dave filed for a restraining order. A judge set a hearing date of next weeek. Which means a temporary order is in place til the hearing next week. Both parties (Dave and Sapao) go to the hearing next week. Then and only then does a judge rule if the case merits a permanent order and the specifications of what that order will allow and prohibit.

If Sapao doesn't show up for the hearing, then the judge would probably just make permanent what is specified in the temporary order (the 50 yard rule)

Makes sense.

If you want the whole story Dave is at www.dcacademy.tv

I didn't see any threads about this over there???