David Choe & Asa Akira podcast

Anybody else listen to David Choe's and Asa Akira's podcast DVDASA?  

Choe has the best stories about taking shits I've ever heard.   This is not one of them.

^ that is so boring

Where can I listen ? Phone Post

BadMon -

i don't like the way he talks.  it's not easy on the ears.  he's not very eloquent.


i'm not a hater btw.  i loved his thumbs up across america documentary.  my favorite vice documentary actually.

I totally agree. I don't want to know where I can listen anymore. Phone Post

I subscribe. I think it's fuckin hilarious Phone Post 3.0

In Phone Post

EVILYOSHIDA - ^ that is so boring

I know.  But there aren't alot of clips on youtube to post.   David's best stories like losing his virginity, his porn mosaic he jerked off to when he was a kid, or his story about shitting in county while surrounded by 40 black guys who were yelling racial slurs at him are not up there.

foggybottom - 

I alone have the key to this savage side show.

I'm going to post something related to Rimbaud each time you make a thread, OP. So... post more often, aye?

Sweet.  And Congrats on being the first person here, or on other boards I post on to recognize the name.

You a fan of arthur rimbaud?

Aaronrodgers=GOAT - 

Where can I listen ? Phone Post



Choe & Yoshi Obayashi were awesome guest on Rogan's podcast.  

EVILYOSHIDA - You a fan of arthur rimbaud?


check out hector zazou's work with Rimbaud

EVILYOSHIDA - check out hector zazou's work with Rimbaud

I have.  Thanks anyway.


The podcast about Dave's trip to massage parlor had me in tears. There hasn't been that many episodes, you should start from the beginning and work your way through.