David Lentz, BJJ Black belt in NJ

I am moving to Monmouth County (Middletown) in a month and want to start training BJJ. I see he has a school in Red Bank and wanted to get some opinions on him and his school.


Who is he a black belt under? That will say a lot.

Edson Carvalho has a brown belt in Avon. See the "Brown Belt BJJ at the Jersey Shore" thread. I think he may also be a black belt in Judo.

You are welcome to come and try a free class at our school Jersey Shore BJJ & Judo Club, in Avon. We are between the towns of Bradley Beach and Belmar--Avon is small.

like dezflag pointed out, my thread of "Brown Belt BJJ at Jersey Shore BJJ" has more info about our Brown, Joe Viz. Also, you can see our full schedule and info at the Teams website

click on Academies and on Schedule in the Jersey Shore box. Good Luck and have fun where ever you decide to train.

If I were you I would check out Jersey Shore BJJ and Judo Club. It is a great bunch of guys and you can't beat the price $160 for two months. The training is very good there with a great bunch of guys.

the address is

406 C Main St.
Avon-by-the-sea, NJ

You will learn judo, bjj, wrestling, and mma

Good luck where ever you go