David Paulides: Missing people state parks (scary)

Just listened to a podcast featuring this author and former police detective. I found it riveting and scary. Apparently, a great number of people go missing each year in National Parks (duh), however, Paulides has done the investigate work to detail the similarities and consistent set of odd circumstances that plague these cases

For example, small children will routinely go missing. Search and rescue will come in and search a 2 mile radius (the distance a small child could cover in the allotted time) and not even pick up a scent. However, hours later, the child will be found dead 40 miles away, up on top of a mountain, missing nothing but the shoes. Most times a cause of death cannot be made. They are just dead...

Other cases have found people in the tops of trees. In some instances phone calls from the missing were recorded in which they stated they were being follow. Oddly, many of these people who are lost call relatives and describe a location that is nothing like the one they are currently in, i.e., I can see green mountains up ahead (they are in a boulder field).

Overall, I found the podcast very thought provoking. Paulides does not draw any conclusions other than there is a high degree of strangeness going on here.

If you are into the unknown, I think you might enjoy this podcast:



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'the unexplained with HH' is a great podcast. Here is another from 'the higherside chats'.


David Paulides joins THC to discuss the hundreds and hundreds of people that have gone missing, many within national parks, who's cases contain evidence or facts that are seemingly impossible. How does a 2 yrs old in a park, disappear in an instant, and reappear 12 miles away just a few hours later? Why are people's clothes found, undamaged, miles away from camp, but no body? These are just a few of the very strange occurrences that the National Parks Service would rather you just not know about. Too late. Phone Post 3.0

Better link:

http://thehighersidechats.com/david-paulides-missing-411-interview-national-parks-coast-to-coast-conspiracy/ Phone Post 3.0

so who are they pointing the finger at then? aliens?

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Unsolved Mysteries!

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Incomplete Tent Person - so who are they pointing the finger at then? aliens?

He does not draw any conclusions, though he is also a bigfoot researcher. However, he admits that would be a narrow conclusion to reach based on the evidence.

For example, he said one researcher who looks at missing planes over the devils triangle noted that several people in his book seemed to "vanish from thin air" on the same day multiple planes were lost over sea an never found. So he is quick to say you have to think outside of the box.

Somethings he entertained in the podcasts I listened to were, an unknown primate, wild people, cult activity, or "mystery forces"

He even documented the case of Cullen Finnerty, the former NFL player, who went became disoriented in the woods and was later found dead. He called his wife and several friends saying he was being followed "by two"

FBI pings on his phone show he covered a distance of several miles in mere seconds.


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Would it be shocking if there was a serial killer or killers stalking national parks?

Can you think of a place that would leave less evidence? No cameras, many probably don't even have cell phone towers.

And I'm not saying aliens, but...Lizard people. And underwear gnomes.



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