David Paulides: Missing people state parks (scary)

I’ve met David, he is really matter of fact with the data and draws no conclusions. Really fun to talk too

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I am sorry bigfoot ate your kid, bro.

Subbed. A very popular Hunter/Trapper/Outdoorsman from my province references Paulides in some of his content. I also watched a couple of his docmentaries. I go into the bush a little differently with this info in the back of my mind…


Got in way late, I remember Jaryd in the poudre canyon. Made me keep a good eye on my son whenever we camped…

Just watched the doc. Interesting.

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While I love everything related to Bigfoot I was disappointed to learn after hearing him on C2CAM that he used to do the Bigfoot hunter thing or whatever. He never came out and said it at the beginning. I thought it was just some scary creepy missing people stuff.

Paulides has some interesting stuff. If you like him, try Mr Ballen on YouTube. He is an ex navy seal that tells stories. Not about being a Seal. He credits Paulides for some of the stories. He is interesting to me.


Follow them both on YouTube…really good videos

I’ve followed the Can-Am 411 project for a few years now and there is definitely something strange happening

I thought the the doc sucked. Got halfway through it and had to turn it off