David Petraeus gets yelled at by students

LOL at 0:46, when they all suddenly stop the chant except for gray shirt.

He definitely felt like a tool. Phone Post

Nonlinear - My how the mighty have fallen, and to think the philandering neocon clown thought he had a chance at being POTUS Phone Post 3.0

GEN Petraeus got yelled at while speaking at Georgetown when he was the ISAF commander. College students yelled At GEN McCrystal before that. Hell, college students yelled at GEN Casey when he was the chief of staff. And that dude is one of the most innocuous generals you'll ever meet. It has nothing to do with the "mighty falling" and has everything to do with young kids who think they have the world figured out but don't possess the intelligence, ability, or means to have an adult debate. Instead they resort to following and yelling at decision makers like insane homeless people.

Holy fuck, them kids are retarded! Phone Post

ChokeEmOut -

Good, fuck him..

Why? Phone Post

I would like to see what they call his war crimes?

Carrying out a war that he did not choose and following the duties and responsibilities of his post to the best of his ability? 

Unless of course having an affair is a war crime...

T Phone Post 3.0

papasmurf24 - 
matt murdock - Bunch of college liberal losers with no concept of respect.

fuck that guy, he deserves to be treated this way.  a little bit of reality would do alot of good in washington

Those kids have no idea what reality is. And they sure as fuck aint living in it.

Lol at just doing his job. If its a war crime, he's part of it. Depends whether you think it was. He supports Syria btw Phone Post

Fuck those worthless idiots for making me feel sorry for Petraeus.

Exactly right! Petraeus is a scumbag.

You probably don't even know anything about him.

Still waiting for someone to state anything, with evidence, and a source that shows Petrius is a war criminal.

I have a feeling I will be waiting a long fucking time.

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papasmurf24 - 

I got voted down twice in this thread, LOL. 

Wasn't me that voted you down (I too, got a downer).

Anyway, come one, "war criminal" seems to be a title reserved for Bush or now Petraeus by college students. Obama can go forward with Syria, or likely anywhere else, and there will be no such outrage.

I have absolutely no opinion on this thread and the video does not interest me at all.

But I was lurking and voted you up just because :)

RockTheVote -

my vote is - speech is free, but there should still be a price. if youre willing to scream insults into someones face in public, you should be willing to fight them to the death if they so desire.

This would be awesome.... Phone Post 3.0

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thirdleg - Who said all generals are career warmongers?

No one did, but you did say Gen. Petraeus was, so I'm wondering what war mongering he's guilty of that other generals wouldn't be under the same orders.

Just asking here, but have you ever heard of David Petraeus before today?

I have. After he left as head of the CIA after an extra marital affair. Where do the war crimes begin?

There are few things more annoying than groups of liberals.

Haven't watched the vid yet but going out on a limb to say fuck these guys Phone Post 3.0

That was disgusting. Those stupid kids are a bunch of fucking tools.

Military are public servants who make offensive imperialist wars only at the behest of politicians and the special interest profiteers behind them. They'd also give their lives in a second to protect us and our freedoms. If you don't like foreign policy protest the people who actually form it morons.

I can't believe how many stupid people on this thread cannot make the simple distinction between those who start wars and those who follow orders to carry them out.

Why does the one guy show us his belly?

I bet these activists went home proud of the activism they took part in for the day.





Petraeus should hire Alec Baldwin to escort him in public. Someone would get necked out.