david terrell street fight??

details anyone?

ehh ttt


He doesn't seem like the type of person who would be street fighting....

??? prince albert said somethin about it on the "why tf isnt the ufc usng terrell" thread

i dunno why im so curious .....but i have a hard time seein this dude gtting owned in a street fight

ttt dammit!!!!!!!

Terrell was in a burger king and got mad when some kid asked him when was he finally going to fight his former training partner Tito Oriz. Terrell then grabbed the kid from behind the counter, hit him with three or four knee's to the face then choked him out cold. After the kid came to he said to Terrell "You busted my lip!!!", Terrell then punched him square in the mouth then yelled "Super Size it Bitch!!!"


LMAO @ "Super size it Bitch!!!"

so there was no fight then?? wtf

gimme a liter-a-cola.

a liter-a-cola is French for gimme some cola before I break your friggin face! (or words to that effect) best movie eva!

that burger is for a cop.

"liter a cola is french for gimme some cola before i break vous f-----
face"...............vous being french for your i think. took me 8000
viewing to figure out what he was saying. go farva

does that look like spit

ahhh fuck it....