David V Goliath *vid*

Probably been posted on here a bunch, but I love it.

As seen on Break.com

I got banned for posting the same video.

Why would you get banned for that?

Kirik said something about copyright, which I would understand, but don't people post these things all the time? In any event, he unbanned me but told me to respect copyrights. Fair enough. I just don't see why other people get to do it. Either way, I like it when people post stuff like this, so I'm not complaining at you Squalie.

"I got banned for posting the same video.'

Thats because your name is Fake Pie. Kirik likes Real Pie !

Well I assumed there was no copyright problem since break.com had it posted and encouraged to post in a forum, etc...  If they didn't get permission, it's on them!

*Attn Kirik*:  If this is true, please don't ban me and make me go through all that.  Please just delete the thread and send me an email.

This is from their site:

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This is what we're missing having no Pride covereage in the UK at the moment - love the way he goes down to the second punch of the fight and then gets himself up again just in time to catch another to put him on the floor again - 2 fighters but 2 different worlds....


great gameplan by zuluzinho!

fabes - "great gameplan by zuluzinho!"

lol - not sure what made me laugh the most about this one - the thought that this was his actual gameplan or the thought that he even had a gameplan... :-)


I'm going with no game plan!

Unless his gameplan was to be brutally punished with bone-rattling strikes I don't think he really had one.

LOL at fedor being regarded as a small "david"

Holy shit

damn, Zululinho is one slow motherfucker

I'd love to see fedor vs Sapp. I don't think it would be so easy.


Fedor would smash Sapp ala CroCop-Sapp, buddy.