David Vieira?

Did David finally open those doors yet? He have a website? GO GB!!!

Yep the school opened last night and we had a great class even though its been years since I have been in a Gi we all had a great workout and great instruction from David.

Here is the schedule:

Monday - Wednesday - Friday is No Gi :
Noon - 1:30pm / Gi All Levels
5pm - 6pm / Children All Levels
6:30pm - 8pm / Gi Beginners
8pm - 9:30pm / Gi Intermediate & Advanced

Tuesday - Thursday:
Noon - 1:30pm / Gi All Levels
7pm - 8:30pm / Gi All Levels
8:30pm - 10pm / MMA All Levels

10am - Noon / BJJ Open Mat
3pm - 5pm / BJJ Open Mat

10am - Noon / MMA Open Mat

Yes he did open his school. I don't know if he has a website.

His number is 727-667-3311

heard he has a great Gi game.

When he first showed up as a brown belt two years ago at Eduardo's he beat everyone, mostly with Brabo choke. It was funny because the first week he tapped Lucas out three times. The next week--and there after it was all Lucas. It would be cool to see them roll now!

Asian yes sir his Gi game is very good, great technique.

"lol classic no-gi response to the new bjj bb in town."
Actually I do 2 days gi, 2 days no. So I would do some more research before assuming anything cool guy.....AND ARONA IS THE BEST 205 lber!