David Williams Judo DVDs

Finally, the long awaited David Williams 5 volume judo DVD series is done and shipping. We are running a special on this DVD series. The special is for DVDs only. Look in the Judo section "Judo DVD Special" Check it out at:

Would a BJJ player get much out of the ne-waza stuff?

when is the sale going to end??

ANYONE would get a lot from Dave Williams stuff. He has been
the coach and friend to many world class judoka and BJJ'ers,
including Dave Camarillo and Michael Jen (not to mention myself),
is constantly involved in the sport through his referee'ing, his TV
show and his youth programs, and is a great all around guy.

Finally, can't wait to get mine! That's 5 DVds for under $58.00!!!



This is an excellent deal. These vids are one of my favorites.