Davis is a MIGHTY man

among lesser men...and far to pretty to actually train


God bless ya!

He's also a mean halo 2 player!

I was just about to send you an e mail letting you know it went through twice...so it's not a mistake?

was going to come down next month...but most people from the denom are heading to CA for the cent. of the Azuza St. Revival

well you and the future Mrs. MASK are welcome to drive up for the fest on Sept. 8th and 9th...I'll get you a cabin, on me...and you can meet Aaron,Lahi,myself, and I have a feeling some others may just show up.

Hughesville PA

and you can submit Aaron after I knock him out :)

getting you a cabin aint a problem...it's a campground :)

thank you

"and get the chance to submit Aaron at my will."

"and you can submit Aaron after I knock him out" :)


Now it's on!