Davis threw it DOWN on Indy'sOneal

Even though it looked like Jermaine got over late from what I just saw on a highlight it was an awesome dunk by Baron on Oneal, very awesome!!

That was sick.

Yao threw one down on top of Theo tonight. Hopefully it will be a dunk of the night nominee.

I didn't see the Yao one, but I'm sure Baron's will be a dunk of the night.

Probably the best dunk of Yao's young career.

McGrady also will be a dunk of the night nominee.

Sweet!! Is there an NBA fastbreak on later?? or will sportscenter have it??

Damnm this sux, Yao's dunk probably will bnot be shown. :-(

Finally a strong dunk by Yao, and no recognition.

Gerald Wallace blocked Kirilenko!!! lol

What's the deal wit your kings? Utah's giving them a run/.

I know, I'm sitting here keeping up with the game on nba.com.

lol @ these idiots who foul Peja. :)

Damn it floppy, buy NBA league pass. It is worth it.

I don't have the cable box, I've got regular cable. :(

2 point sac lead going into the 4ht.

Utah up 2!

Fucking fuck!!

Sac looks out of rhythm

Sounds that way from what I'm reading.

Your missin one hell of a game.

lol!! shutup!!