Day 29 NO dvd NO reply What to do?

29 days and counting...No Gannon dvd. Last week Matt said he would ship out a new dvd with tracking if I did not receive it. Well he has not responded to my emails for the last week. Can anyone help me get what I paid $20 for? Kirik? Chris P? Sean Gannon? Anybody?


BTW, this was all treatment that I recieved (from UG)when speaking about the price of this thing.

Send him more money! Support the sport!

ttt for justice...


I don't want to watch it for free on the net. I want what I paid for.

Well I can tell you from 1st had experience that whoopass is full of shit. Dispute your charge with your bank. Get your money back and keep these threads up so other people dont get taken.

ttt till i get the DVD

Supporting the sport is allowing and condoning someone to steal from us? What are you, a fucking idiot?

i still don't see how paying 20 bucks for something to a ''businessman'' and not receiving your order is ''supporting the sport''...

I'm gonna wait another week before I dispute the
charges with my CC company.

Support the CONSUMER. Whoopass are the ones that are deceiving consumers with outright lies and in doing so are damaging the sport by taking money and not fullfilling their obligation as a company. They have the website with the NHB video's. This is a representation of the sport. Not a good reflection on the integrity of MMA based websites.

Yes, it is those like Whoopass and MMA related magazines that take subscriptions right before going under and not returning a dime that give the sport a bad name.

El Guapo,
WTF are you saying?
Supporting the sport in your opinion means letting someone rip you off?
How is that suporting the sport?
So if I advertised selling the next Kimbo fight on a DVD, I guess I can pretend to sell it for $50.00, and I can be sure to count on getting your $50.00 in the mail.
Because YOU are a supporter of the sport? support my jock.
Stupid bee- otch.

Day 30 No dvd No reply What to do?

!!!TTT for answers!!!!

If it's free and on the net, why hasn't it been shown on the UG?

They had it posted free for like 1 hour or something. But they said it was eating up their bandwidth so they took it down. I offered to put it on a couple different servers to spread out the traffic - but I never heard back...

Who downloaded the 'free' version?? Not the 30MB MOV file but the free WMV video??

Support the sport by purchasing PPV's and spreading the word to
friends and recruit newbies to your gym.

If you get screwed in a business transaction with an MMA vendor, how
the hell is that showing support? How do you expect people to just let
this go?

Since paypal accounts are so popular lately, I'm going to set one up for
you all to donate money to me because I want to starting training full
time for a fight and don't feel like working my day job. See how well
that goes. Support MMA....and more importantly me! LOL.

El Guapo, I didn't mean for that last post to be directed toward you in any way bro, I'm just saying that I feel the same way about how "true supporters" of the sport never complain about bad events or getting ripped off is a bunch of crap. Good point.