Day 3 of my training blog is up

Day 3 has some good grappling clips from some hard training and some of the boxing drills I do for power, footwork and head movement. Let me know what you think.



Nice work...Like watching training vids....Thanks for sharing


 Cool video, thanks for sharing.

What the hell is in the base of your Bob? Cement ?

Thanks guys. We are going to keep them coming. I'm going to do a mini camp with Din in a few days and the cameras will be there to watch him beat up on me if he is cool with it.

"What the hell is in the base of your Bob? Cement ?"

Good old fashioned H2O.

Keep watching.



If you missed the first two you can check them out here.


Check out for info on the event.



It's Andrew in Atlanta. I'm trying to remember our conversations from the trip to Canada a few years ago. Can you share a little bit about your diet and supplement routine?

Are you a vegetarian?

Look forward to seeing you fight again.

I would love to see you and Raphael Assuncao fight.

That fight would be one for a BIG TV show!


was that MOP you were banging w/ the tunes there?

first off, keep the beats going non-stop. other than that... nice vids.

Me & Raph fought a few years ago at the Shidokan US open. He was one of the toughest competitors I've ever fought.

We are pretty good friends now and train together on occasion. Junior helped me a lot for my last fight. Him and his brother are class acts and I look forward to getting back on the mat with them.

"Can you share a little bit about your diet and supplement routine?"

I'm not a vegetarian. I try to eat a well balanced diet with lean meats, veggies and complex carbs. I take a ton of supplements because the foods that we take in are so processed they lose a lot of whats good for us.

Currently I take:
Multivitamen, Glucosamine sulfate, amplified creatine 189, Black seed, zinc, glutamine, 17hd, Protein, guarana.

Athletes ask more of their bodies then the average everyday person so we need to replenish our bodies with the proper supplements.


I had music posted on the videos and myspace said it was copyright infringement. So, I took the music off.