Day/Belcher Vid (Request)

Anyone have a link, other then You Tube for this fight.

Belcher is one of my favorite fighters to watch. Too bad he took the loss. Anyone see the fight that can give me a quick recap?

 It's my unnastanding that posting Vids of UFC material will get your post deleted and/or you banned.

Dont post you can direct me to the link.

Go to a sight that starts with a D and rhymes with dailymotion and type in some names.

Found it. Day impressed me. Who do you think they will throw Day in with Next.

Dooms Day is a bad ass! He put on an excellent fight against a very good fighter. I look forward to seeing more of him. Cain Valasquez is also a bad ass btw.

all the fights on the card were awesome (except Starnes')

Day impressed the hell outta me

Day was very impressive

Damn, I didn't see that coming.

Very impressive performance by Day beating a guy who was pretty legit in my eyes.


somebody get that vid please....

Jc whats up man long time no see...

adam peeples

I saw it on DailyMotion.