Day in the life of a gas station cashier

Please let all these be true. Love them or hate them. 
“this is America” 

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can a blue embed from insta. This is fuckijg funny 

Hahahaha I'm dying here.

"You may be a bitch, but you got a fine ass."

I want to believe, but the exchange between the obese white woman and the gay dude has me doubting.

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6.66 lol 


Totally not real. But still hilarious.

I do that with the 666 thing lol. 

Very clearly fake but still funny. 

I want to believe. There are sooo many. 
she must have everyone in the town in on it 


Definitely some good acting on some of those. She has at least one other vid out there. 


What do you think it's for? my fucking zebra?

That was funny. 

Briscoe -

I do that with the 666 thing lol. 

I had that total ring up once. The cashier asked me if I wanted to buy something else, and looked at me like I signed my death warrant when I said no.