Day in the Life of an Asian in America's Most RACIST Town

Some Chinese Canadians came down to America’s supposedly most racist town. Pretty interesting:


Unless you’re in a black neighborhood if you’re Asian you’re safe. You’re getting looks because you’re a stranger in a small town. And noticeable ones at that.


“Asian Americans” you never been much less came from Asia!

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Left: Asians are white adjacent … they are honorable aryans to the white supremacists

Just watched the whole vid. Pretty cool ending.

i saw a bit of the end with a bunch of white kids drining beers witht he asian guy in a garage
the asian guy was conscious, and was not jumped and stomped on by multiple people


Have you seen any of the videos of Asians going into “diverse” neighborhoods?
They have alternate endings.
We call those the Snyder cut. Much more violent.


Like these motherfuckers know what a racist neighborhood looks like.


Are Asians inter-Asian racist against each other?

Like if a Japanese dude goes into koreatown, will they give him shit?

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this Canadian Asian kid should walk through where I grew up. his mind would explode as a black as night Dominican set of brothers and their father and uncles, a couple of puerto rican and black kids mixed in would hurl the most over the top racist comments and jokes at him…maybe even trying to goad him into a “fair fight”


TBF, at the end of the video, I think they realized how powerful the media is. People are people wherever you go, some are cunts and some are just regular people.


I feel like people who completely against racism can hate BLM

Fuck BLM


Looks like Harrison, AR is a neat place to live

Maybe but I’m a city slicker. I need the garbage of the city to survive, as well as decent WIFI.

Even the old lady who falls in the ‘cunt’ category wasn’t nasty to them. Like most older working class people with a high school education or less, she was just ignorant to the current politically correct lingo for addressing people of Asian descent and didn’t realize ‘China man’ was insulting. She was perfectly cordial to them otherwise.

My ex is from Harrison. Her mother still lives there. She’s a sweet old woman.

But but but…white supremacy!!

Chinaman hasn’t been acceptable in my lifetime. I grew up in the progressive utopia of New Jersey, but you’d think in 40 years it would trickle down to these hillbillies.

I dunno man.

In the 70s/80s, I don’t recall anyone having an issue with stuff like Mickey Rooney’s Mr Yunioshi in Breakfast at Tiffanys, and that was pretty fucking awful. I also recall a whole lot of ching-chonging and caricatured asian accents in high school hallways. You’ve got to remember we were just a generation removed from the ‘yellow peril’ propaganda of WWII that portrayed the Japanese as buck-toothed murderous sub-humans (and most Americans lacked the nuance to distinguish between Asian nationalities, yellow was yellow). I also remember ‘colored’ being the polite way to address black folks, before ‘negro’ took over in the 70s, then African-American in the 80s/90s, and now Black.

People whose education ended during or after high school, particularly those who live in insular small towns, are often completely oblivious to the shifting sands of the American lexicon, and simply use whatever terms were acceptable when they acquired their language skills. In truth, the shifting lexicon itself has become a class/status marker, which can only be kept up with by who are immersed in popular culture and/or have extensive exposure to academia. It’s become a way for upper class folks to instantly identify and ‘other’ working class folks.

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