Day in the Life of an Asian in America's Most RACIST Town

I dunno man.

In the 70s/80s, I don’t recall anyone having an issue with stuff like Mickey Rooney’s Mr Yunioshi in Breakfast at Tiffanys, and that was pretty fucking awful. I also recall a whole lot of ching-chonging and caricatured asian accents in high school hallways. You’ve got to remember we were just a generation removed from the ‘yellow peril’ propaganda of WWII that portrayed the Japanese as buck-toothed murderous sub-humans (and most Americans lacked the nuance to distinguish between Asian nationalities, yellow was yellow). I also remember ‘colored’ being the polite way to address black folks, before ‘negro’ took over in the 70s, then African-American in the 80s/90s, and now Black.

People whose education ended during or after high school, particularly those who live in insular small towns, are often completely oblivious to the shifting sands of the American lexicon, and simply use whatever terms were acceptable when they acquired their language skills. In truth, the shifting lexicon itself has become a class/status marker, which can only be kept up with by who are immersed in popular culture and/or have extensive exposure to academia. It’s become a way for upper class folks to instantly identify and ‘other’ working class folks.

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Lol @ “chinese” “men” being offended at someone calling them “chinamen”.

She hug them ffs

Was she the Walmart lady and is your ex into Asian men?

Agreed. Fuck BLM. I’ve been saying it for a while, but BLM is the new KKK and will be viewed that way through the lens of history, if the good guys win in the end.

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finally watched the entire video
definitely a good lesson in media portrayals and how people’s minds get programmed to whatever the media puts out there

the thing that stood out to me the most is how these Canadian Asian guys’ brains have been hardwired by media and their (self admitted) Asian exclusive life/social circle causing them to be so sheltered and fearful of the Racist Boogieman at every corner

they literally tried their hardest to find and hunt for racism and couldnt find anything past some walmart weirdos. they literally had local White (and non white) people welcoming them and engaging with them

i grew up with many types of people and then I encountered the “Asians only lunch table” type of Asian that only hung out with other Asians, etc…of course those asians had issues with racism and girls or whatever

the only beef i ever had during my youth was from “only Asians lunch table” Asians. it was always these types of Asians that had some sort of problem with me (a regular Asian)

flip the script and you could say the Asian Canadians are the close minded/ignorant and racially homogenous/non diverse ones

She has to use one of those mobility carts but is much thinner. She also wouldn’t call them China Men. We use the term Oriental around here.

They should have gone to Gary,In to do that.

Yeah, Oriental is really common among senior citizens around here, and it’s not meant in any derogatory way AT ALL. Most of them have no idea Asians are offended by it. Oriental was commonly used even in media up until the 90s.

we r asian and my mom used “Oriental” to refer to other Asians up until the 90s when I told her that was not cool

If I were to visit the small hometown I grew up in after 20 years absent, I myself would get looked at as an outsider.
I’d be welcome in every bar, every hall including VFW, E Clampus Vitus, IOOF, or HAMC, yet still be scrutinized the same. As an outsider.
Conduct yourself accordingly does not mean when in Rome act as a Roman. We’ll see right through it. It means don’t be a pretentious or obnoxious asshole, settle down have a drink or two and we can shoot some stick.

Oriental is my favorite top ramen flavour next to shrimp.


great rugs too, those Orientals . . .

thought Vidor, TX was the most racist town in the country. Maybe just Texas.

Does it still exist?

Last time I looked, the blue packets of ramen are now called ‘soy sauce’ flavor rather than ‘Oriental’ flavor.

They should go to Compton for the next video. That’ll be entertainment for sure.

I go to a Muay Thai gym, and I am clearly the minority. The numerous Asians there are always happy (to kick the shit out of me).

Gyms seem to be fairly not racist, as I have been beaten fairly and equally by all races, including my own. All parties are very happy and nice after I receive the beatdown. Then I come back a few days later.

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Lmao, equal lefts and rights going flying around it seems. All you can ask for.

I went grocery shopping with the o’l lady yesterday at Safeway and witnessed first hand both blue Top and Maruchan ramen available.

On a side note there were no Nabisco or any saltine crackers in stock. Just whole grain wheat varieties.