day started bad...;

had a phone convo with the wife[soon to be x] and she is, i dont know. she says that she goes out because of me drinking in the past and that it was ok for her to, even though im a recovering alcholoic. she lies about how many times she went out while i was in rehab and after i got back up until the point of our seperation[ though i think she believe what she says is true] she says she has only went out 3-4 times, but i have gone on fb and looked at pics onher page and her friends , and by the diffrent times on the pics, diffrent outfits and locations, its more like 13-14 times.

she says no woman will have me the way I am[ the way i was, though she doesnt believe that] she says i wont change and thats why she wont even sit down for lunch or coffee or something to talk about things.

she acts like i never provided or did anything because i took 3mon off from work to get lined out. she says i just wanted to live off what she made and she wasnt having that[ she does make good money now but before she had no job, didnt stay long, or had a job where she just sat and made 75 bucks a week while i worked 60hrs a week] though i put a roof over her head, car to drive, food on her plate, cloths on her back, and bought her all she needed and wanted, the only thing she wanted i never got her was a caddy cts. i would pawn, sell, get loans and credit cards to get her what she wanted if my pay wasnt enough. now im in alot of dept, and she says im responsible for it. not to mention meds bills.

i will be off her insurance even though i have to have surgery again more than likely[ due to an ulcer and stricture, which has been dialated twice already]after she said i could stay on until after that is finished.

she said my dad and step mom only call when they need something, when inthe 8yrs we have been together her dad and step mom have never once called me and said hi or asked how i was, not once.

she wires a 80bucks a month to me for a pawn[ 2 family pieces] so that they will hold it until i get them out.

she complained about her bills now, i told her that was her choice.

i dont know, just need to vent.

non timebo mala

If she makes you feel bad,why you just dont leave her?

Do you have kids?

We r not together now. N no kids, I want them but glad I don't at the moment Phone Post

 Sounds like your better off bro.

You'll be okay.

Thanks, yea its looking that way Phone Post