Day time training Tokyo

I want to find somewhere to train in the day or morning before 4pm. I want to train in olympic wrestling (freestyle and greco-roman). Also I would like to train in submission wrestling or bjj. Please let me know of any places that I can go to for these styles in the day time in Tokyo.

Axis Jiu Jitsu has 10am classes. It's on the Keio Inoshakira line.

GUTSMAN...same stop as AXIS too. All no-gi and great training. N
Sakurada is the teacher (ex SHOOTO middleweight champion) and it's
MACH Sakurai's old gym.

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Paraestra Tokyo (Shin Egota on the Oedo Line) has open mat gi trainings most afternoons. There's usually a few blackbelts and pro fighters there including Yuki Nakai and Shinya Aoki. you know what time the open mat class starts at
Paraestra Tokyo?

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Usually around 1 or so, it's pretty casual. Most people are usually there by 2pm and everyone just rolls until they've had enough.

I left Japan almost a year ago but it used to be every afternoon. I'd recommend going on a Wednesday or Friday (except when Shooto's on) as those were the most popular days.

xxxxxxxx...I'll be in Tokyo fr 3 weeks as of next weekend,..would it be
cool to just rock up and roll? Having said that my Japanese is ok at

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should be cool, Yuki Nakai's a really good guy and speaks decent english so just ask him if it's OK.

Interested to hear what you think. Sometimes there's like 5-6 blackbelts on the mat.

I dont check this forum very often but interested to hear how anyone went.

I'm going back to Japan for about 6 weeks this summer and Paraestra Tokyo sounds perfect. I was at the dojo in Ikebukuro for only a month, two years ago. I had shoulder problems so I couldn't really train, but just got surgery last year so I'm looking forward to being able to train for real this time around. Definitely gonna check out the main branch in Shin Egota. Thanks for all of the info!