days a week to bulk

How many days a week should someone lift if they're trying to gain weight? Assuming they are doing squats, weighted chins, military presses, weighted dips all in one workout. What kind of recovery is needed for bulking?

Have they trained before? Is this person you? I'd say 3 days a week is a good place to start. What do you mean by recovery?

lol yeah the person is me. I have been lifting before, for about a year before I took a break for a few months with the same routine. I'm currently doing only two full body workouts with those exercise per week. I'm trying to gain about 10 lbs. With proper diet/sleep, will this be enough? Should I be doing something else on a third day? Thanks

monday do 5x5 for each exercise,Wed do them circuit style 4 x's with 10-12 reps, Fri go back to back squat/dip and chin/press (meaning a set of squats then dips, squats then dips, and so on) for 4 sets of 6-8 reps. Stretch and work for abs a bit. EAT!!!!!!!!! most important!! must eat a lot! have fun

Two full body workouts a week should be enough if you aren't in super shape already. If your not doing any other activity, I'd say go with three.

If your looking to put on muscle, I'd stick with 8-12 reps each exercise, maybe 4 sets.

Have you been doing squats, weighted chins, military presses, weighted dips the whole time you've been training? You'll benefit from switching up some of the exercises to new ones if your body has already adapted to them.

Add calories, about 500 a day over maintenance until you gain the weight you want, then cut if desired. If you want to have 10 extra lean pounds on you, I'd probably bulk until I put on 15 at least, then cut down.