Daytime classes in Rio?

Going back to Rio in 2 weeks. Will be training at Gracie Humaita at night, but was curious if anyone knew a great place to train with the gi during the day.

Thanks. Phone Post

Gotta be De la Riva mate, 7and 4 classes, and i think 3 days a week there is a 12 noon and a 7 pm class as well. Phone Post

Just sent him a message via Facebook. Thanks bro.

Have you trained there? Are there a lot of higher ranks? Phone Post

Just 4-stripe whites and some blues at De la Rivas. I heard a purple visited in around 2009 tho'.

Lol, have trained there many times, an average of about 8 blackbelts at any time tbh though usually more, often including felipe costa ;) also a few are at every weight,

good range of belts through from white to black when i was last there a couple of days ago, De la riva is massively welcoming to guests and drop ins, he will remember your name first time lol, he will pair you up appropriately and the attitudes there are fantastic. Im not saying other clubs arent welcoming or fantastic also but de la's is like a gem within a gold ring lol Phone Post

Also if your REALLY lucky you will get to be helvecio'ed lol;) Phone Post

I'll be there in November through Jan.

Can't wait!!!

Helvecio'd WTF? Phone Post

alot of gyms have.

fightzone has 10.30 & 16 class
DLR 16
Gordo's 8
alliance 7 am
AKXE at noon

i think almost every known gym has some.

No flaming just curious, with how popular BJJ is in the USA is there still use for the Brazil trips? I mean there is a lot of great instruction in the US. I mean Renzo's has a ton of black belts, Marcelo's is right around the corner, CA has the Machados, Draculino in Texas etc.


I humbly apologize for my post.

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Take me with you!! Dying to go back!! Phone Post

Really don't like the sound of that.... LOL Phone Post


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GFTeam has a class at 2 in the afternoon with the likes of Rodolfo Vieira, Theodoro Canal, Pimenta, Jake Mackenzie. I recommend checking it out. Phone Post