daytime training?

Hey everybody, Im taking some time off of school to train and work. Ive been out since mid november looking for far I havnt been too successful. Ive decided to stop looking for now and continue the search in january. Id like to do some daytime training while i have the chance.

Is there anywhere in the gta where I would be able to train freestyle wrestling, jiujitsu or submission wrestling during the day for a reasonable price?

Karma has afternoon classes on wednesdays, fridays and saturdays at 12:00pm. In the new year we'll be adding a monday class at the same time. It is usually gi, but some people may be training no-gi. The drop in fee is $20.

Our club doesn't have daytime training. Wish it did. Heck I don't know of any club around here that has daytime classes in MMA or BJJ.

thanks guys....but I think thats a little out of my in scarborough (pharmacy/eglinton) and dont drive...

thanks anyways though


Check Out Shah Franco Martial Arts on Yonge + Lawrence,

Mon, Wed, Friday, Sat 12:00 - 2:00

thanks pinky

Forgot the number 416 256 9952

I actually come from Scarborough (Kingston + Brimely) takes me about 45-1 hour to get to the club by TTC.

i don't want to be paying $20/class 3 or 4 days a week ... is there anything cheaper (monthly fee) and preferably downtown (bathurst/king)

hell i wouldn't mind training wing chun or muay thai

i guess the better option is to make friends with mats and practice practice practice

Ultimate MArtial Arts
Muay Thai

Day Classes Tues and Thurs Afternoons @12:30
Open Every week day at 12:30
Scarborough on Progress by the Town Center.

Unfortunatly...ive run into a financial snag and wont be able to train during the day unless i get a job...but if im working ill have no time for day training (unless its 3 or 4 days a week) so I doubt there ill be any doing daytime training for a while..sorry guys