DB front raises?

I saw a football off season routine a while back that
had these on it. The rest of the lifts were standard
powerlifting and compound movements. Now I always
thought of these as a bodybuilder lift, just for
pumping the front delt head, but do they have any
real effect on upper body strength or explosiveness?

I sometimes do them as an accessory for my bench. They get the blood flowing to my shoulders and chest, so they are good for recovery.


I've don't light front and lateral raises after my real exercises, seems to help with shoulder health. I wouldn't take them real seriously.

I very occasionally do them when board.  Helps with Gymnastics for long lever strength but I have a bunch of exercises which work it already...


I figured it might be for assistance on a real lift, power clean or something,but then again there was no room for that stuff on this program

shovelhook it wouldn't be an assitance lift for a power clean.  Squats would be!

Never heard of anyone doing a DB front raise for a power clean.  The bar is suppose to stay as close to your body as possible.  It isn't suppose to go away from your body at all.