DC Doomsday Clock..does anyone know?

From https://www.bleedingcool.com/2018/03/15/doomsday-clock-dc-comics/
Doomsday Clock, an unauthorised sequel to Watchmen by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, published by DC Comics, is strongly set within DC Comics continuity – just a year ahead. Though that may have to stretch now that the book has moved to a bi-monthly schedule rather than the original monthly schedule with a wee break along the way.
Events in the DC Universe side have seen The Supermen Theory, questioning why superheroes in the DC Universe are overwhelmingly from America, suggesting government intervention in the population and encouraging other governments to try and develop their own superhero figures, with tragic results.
This has led to street protests by the US population against the government and against superheroes in general.
We have also seen Batman get a new costume closer to his Batman Earth One (also by Johns and Frank) look. And Superman in a position where we can’t see whether or not he’s wearing red trunks on top of his blue tights.
Well, the trunks-aspect has now been clarified as Superman is getting them back in Action Comics #1000. Batman appears in his current costume, but he is getting married soon and may need a new look. Interestingly Selina didn’t appear to be staying in the Wayne Manor when Rorschach broke in… could that imply a problem with the marriage to come?
Or… and this is what I am being told by people at DC Comics… is that no one knows what the hell Geoff Johns is doing with Doomsday Clock? That cards are being held close to his chest, that its chart-topping success is keeping him immune from editorial intervention or interrogation and hey, as DC President he’s also DiDio and Lee’s boss now.
But as it stands no one seems to know what they are meant to do in order to tie their books in with the beginning – or indeed the end – of Doomsday Clock.
Maybe they will figure something out. The way Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD’s writers watch the movies trailers so they can try and tie something in with the show. And Doomsday Clock’s delay may give them extra time.
But maybe Johns should tell someone. With all the internecine rivalry between Dan DiDio, Geoff Johns, Scott Snyder and now Brian Bendis, resembling The Death Of Stalin, is there anyone who can bridge the gaps?
Jim Lee, your time is now… stop drawing another Wild Storm variant cover and help DC Comics work out what the hell is going on with their best-selling comic.

paw comments:  This is one of the big disconnects I have with DC - events don't seem to really matter.  That is to say that the events of a DC event really don't seem to have an impact in any other DC title assuming the examples the article gives are correct.

Marvel seems to have the opposite problem, where a events impacts every things title ever.

Of course, I'm speaking in generalities, but that what it seems like to me.