Anyone going? Phone Post 3.0

I guess that's a no, no one is going ???? Phone Post 3.0

What are you talking about? Phone Post 3.0

After party? Phone Post 3.0

As far as cool clubs lax is pretty far down on the list, still won't be cheap though. If you're a big dc fan it might be worth going. If I was in town I'd go to intrigue at the Wynn with mcgregor or Tao at the Venetian with gsp and some other people Phone Post 3.0

Thanks!! I didn't know McGregor was doing one. Tickets are only $25. I'll probably try to go to that one. Although I'm not sure if you actually see them or not. Not much of a clubber but idk the next time I'll be so close to my favorite fighters Phone Post 3.0