DC tries to woo me back

From http://www.bleedingcool.com/2015/07/10/sdcc-15-dc-announces-batman-robin-eternal-and-robin-war/

To follow up Batman EternalDC has announced Batman & Robin Eternal starting in October. The weekly series will run for six months. There will also be Robin War, a crossover between Robin: Son of BatmanWe Are Robin and Gotham Academy.

Scott Snyder and Jason Tynion IV will be joined by Tim Seeley for Batman & Robin Eternal as showrunners with Genevieve Valentine, Steve Orlando, Ed Brisson andJackson Lanzing & Colin Kelly also scripting. Art will be done by Tony S. Daniel, Paul Pelletier and Scot Eaton.

The series will also reintroduce Cassandra Cain to the DC Universe.

Robin War will be bookended by one-shots written by Tom King with Khary Randolphas the artist on at least one of them.

Batman & Robin Eternal #1 is scheduled for release on Oct. 7th. Robin War runs through the month of December.

paw comments:  First off, I need to mention that I am buying Gotham Academy (which is awesome!)...but aside from that I think I"ve said no DC titles until 

  1. Richard Grayson is Nightwing
  2. Barbara Gordon is Oracle
  3. Cassandra Cain exists within the DCU
So maybe.....
Nah!  I have zero faith that when Cassandra Cain is reintroduced that she will be the awesomely, awesome character I remember.
(God I hope I'm wrong....)

Glad I'm not the only one enjoying the hell out of Gotham Academy Phone Post 3.0

I loved Batman Eternal so adding Dick Grayson back into the mix makes me think this will be pretty rad. Phone Post 3.0