DC vs Rashad is perfect now

I would love to see this fight. Anyone else? Phone Post 3.0

Indeed, perfect matchup. Phone Post 3.0

Yup. Or loser of AJ Gus

If Rashad beats Glover, sure. Phone Post 3.0

wiggum - Yup. Or loser of AJ Gus
I'd rather see this Phone Post 3.0

Awesome fight, would love to see it Phone Post 3.0

Cormier should fight winner of Rashad/Glover.

There are only 3 guys for Jones...  Gus, AJ, Cormier.  The rest is fodder.  These 3 guys shouldnt be fighting each other until they fight Jones atleast twice. Until then they should just be matched up with the fodder. 

I think DC should go get that knee fixed Phone Post 3.0