DC's Hourman to tv?

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With the success of "Arrow" and the impending backdoor pilot for "The Flash" coming this season, The CW plans to expand its roster of DC Comics-based dramas with a live-action series based on the character Hourman. According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Hourman" will focus on a "brilliant-yet-troubled pharmaceutical analyst who discovers that the visions that have plagued him since childhood are actually glimpses of tragic events occurring one hour in the future." The pharmaceutical analyst is also on the rocks with his ex-wife and son, and in order to "win back" his family, he attempts to stop the tragic events from occurring.

In the comics, Hourman does indeed have the ability to see one hour in the future, but it comes from an hourglass gifted to him by the Hourman Android. The original Hourman, biochemist Rex Tyler, discovered a drug called Miraclo, which allowed him to experience superhuman strength and speed for one hour before subsiding. Unfortunately, the substance was addictive -- and both Rex and his successor (his son Rick) ended up addicted to Miraclo during their careers (though both were eventually cured).

While there's currently no sign that "Hourman" will connect to "Arrow" or "The Flash," the connection to "The Flash" is certainly there should the CW decide to use it. The most recent Hourman, Rick Tyler, is married to Jesse Chambers, the hero known as Liberty Belle, who has the ability to access the Speed Force, which The Flash draws from for his super speed.

"The Sopranos" writer Michael Caleo is onboard to write and executive produce along with Dan Lin and Jennifer Gwartz.

"Hourman" is the latest in a string of DC Comics-related television series including "The Flash" (slated to have a backdoor pilot later during "Arrow's" second season); "Gotham," a series chronicling a pre-Batman Commissioner Gordon and the early Gotham villains; and "Constantine" headed up by "Man of Steel's" David S. Goyer.

Honestly if these shows are as good as Arrow..Marvel can have their movies because i get more enjoyment out of a weekly show than a film Phone Post

All I know is the original Hourman was a drug addict...and now reading the article, I must mention that I inferred that from the original 1930's comics, not any DCU source.

i read part of that article as "The pharmaceutical analyst is also on the rocks with his ex-wife and son,"thinking that he and his family are smoking crack rock miraclo. 

that could lead to some great stories. I should be writing this shit. 



and more seriously, this sounds more intriguing to me the Gotham shit. 

Hourman is one of my favorite characters so I hope they don't stray too far from the original

I'm looking forward to more DC properties on the small screen

I've never liked DC but I think they're making a smart move with the TV shows. It may be my POV but at this point, their characters seem less well known in general. There is a huge disparity between Batman/Superman and the rest of their heroes. I think they go from the most well known to not so well known. Phone Post 3.0