DC's next crisis (rumors)

From http://www.bleedingcool.com/2014/07/18/we-know-what-the-dc-band-aid-is-all-about-bottle-earths/

We think we know a little of what’s coming. Twenty two-part stories to run over two months, with a weekly series running through hem, spotlighting DC Comics characters from a number of realities, from pre-Crisis to Gotham By Gaslight to Red Son.

We think.

But how do we get there? Via Brainiac, know in the Pre-52 for shrinking the city of Kandor so it would fit inside a bottle. Well he’s been busier than that in the New 52 and instead of bottle cities, we get bottle Earths. Lots of them. And that’s how we’ll get a new Crisis…

Look forward to seeing some of this, hopefully, announced at San Diego Comic Con.

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