DDP yoga one year update! pictures and video!

I started DDP yoga a year ago and I am pretty happy with the results.

Here are some before and after pictures

I am 41 years old. I am 6'7 .a year ago I weighed 200 pounds. Now I weigh 182, I was actually as low as 172 a month ago but I decided to try to gain a little weight and am up to 182 right now. Oh, and my diet is pretty crappy so I dont expect to lose that little bit of fat on  my stomach any time soon.

ok, that takes care of the excuses.







Good job man.

Keep it up! Phone Post 3.0

and if you are crazy enough to want to watch it here is my current workout.

Looks like you leaned out a bit and significantly improved your flexibility. Well done man. Phone Post 3.0

How tall are you?

Good stuff Bro.
Always enjoy your posts. Phone Post 3.0

some screen shots from the workout so you dont have to watch  it all to see me look silly.









How long did you have to do it before the new ink appeared?

this is the one I am most proud of, I can only hold it for a second or so but its a start!


Can you blow yourself? Phone Post 3.0

KidJustice - 

How tall are you?

whoops! edited that in, I am 6'7

How many times a week we're you doing it? How long for each session?

Look good!

(But either grow in that mustache, or shave off the beard no homo) Phone Post 3.0

Jakelin - How many times a week we're you doing it? How long for each session?

I started out doing threee 20 minute workouts a day. Now I am up to about an hour and 20 minutes 6 days a week.


DoovyB -

. Phone Post 3.0

Right Hand JO Power - Can you blow yourself? Phone Post 3.0
He could do that before he started the yoga. Phone Post 3.0

How much equipment do you need to do DDP yoga at home? Phone Post 3.0