DDS = The Beatles

I had a feeling as soon as everyone went to PR it was a matter of time. To relocate to completely different part of the world to save Gordon tax dollars seemed a bit of a stretch

Spill the beans, carcaju.


Whatever it is, be ready for atos and company to go HARD in the paint over it.

I’m more surprised they lasted as long as they did. Changing locations was a risky move. That probably just expedited the inevitable.

Really? I though the core group was all weird enough they’d thrive being isolated and out on their own flying people in to train with.


Too many A type personalities together. It’s inevitable with any team IMO. It was a mistake to leave NYC. It all hinges on John and if he had just stayed, the students would have no choice but to remain - if they wanted to train under his guidance. John doesn’t care about money so it was a perfect situation that he had the infrastructure for a huge training facility in a location that attracts top talent, and teaching whenever and however he wants. Staying in PR long term realistically seemed ambitious.

Opening your own gym opens up entirely new convoluted problems. Especially with the amount of money that will be involved with their names and potentially sharing it with an aggressively money driven mentality like Gordon. Money essentially will complicate matters. Much more so than right now.

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If it’s legitimately caused a rift between brothers, Gordon is on his way to going broke with “optimistic” aggressive business decisions. He’s so self absorbed and he’s used to printing money from bjj fanatics the last few years that I don’t know if he truly appreciates what being a like a real business man is. He’s worked really hard at being an elite competitor, but he hasn’t really had to work hard for his money up until now. Shooting instructionals for a week and counting your money? Way different from actually running a brick and mortar service orientated business. Also, how many more can he shoot before people get fatigue or he starts cannibalizing subject matter?


Are that Sonny chick and Gordon still together? What’s her role in all of this? Carcaju, maybe share some of the rumors but qualify them as such, just rumors.

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Gordon’s got pornstars commenting on his pics now lol

Going to be interesting

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Agree. We demand beans


I’m confused as to why Craig Jones and Ethan C are apparently checking in from Austin on their IG posts but are calling themselves the B team? JD, GR and Tonon are I think calling themselves New Wave JJ.

It’s probably a big troll job.



Hungry Food GIF by Chipotle Mexican Grill


Guys, I know all of the juicy details. These secret details would blow your minds to their cores if you knew them. Shocking events and unimaginable behaviors. But I can’t tell you.


All I’ve “heard” is that they’re likely all moving to Austin. Two schools will likely make it more profitable for everyone. I don’t know this for certain, but I theorize they’ll all continue to train together just run separate businesses. Btw, all of this could be wrong. One thing is for sure though - Austin JJ is going to blowing the F up!

Lol You’ve heard nothing


It’s clearly a few factors such as ego, money, and a few orgies rubbing a few people the wrong way

Can you please expand on the rubbing part?

Lol i have no clue. Money, ego, sex/women seem to the common culprits with these sort of bjj dramas