I use Sonar to record and I'm looking for a de-esser for the vocals....Can't get rid of those damned "s" sounds, that distort the song.

Please suggest what you think is the best de-esser out there that would be compatible with Cakewalk's Sonar recording suites...I would really appreciate it.

Basically I just need a name or web address, I have a guy who can get me pretty much any software created.



PS. To clarify, I need a software de-esser for home digital recording. Thanks

The best way to De-ess is earlier in the chain before it gets to the computer.

Ponyboy, can you expand further on how I should go about that? thanks

Have somebody monitor the vocals or quickly record a phrase and listen to it yourself before committing the whole song to a recording.

Maybe try a bunch of different mics.

Maybe alter the compression scheme because some compressors allow transients to get past before clamping down.

Some compression can be keyed in to react to certain frequencies.

Ponyboy is right, a de-esser is usually like polishing
a turd. Steinberg makes a standalone one called spl-
esser (or something like that) that is supposed to be
pretty decent. There aare tons of de-esser plugins,
virtually for every platform. Just do a search and you
will find thousands.