De La Hoya deserves an Oscar!

I'm sure I will be flamed unmercifully for this, But De La Hoya took a dive. Was he Hurt? Probably, but not nearly as bad as he made out to be. Hopkins Hit him in the Ribs after a Jab, In the Replay it looked like an arm punch by Hopkins.

Oscar was gassing and on his way to taking a beating and or possibly getting severely injured by Hopkins, and Took the easy way out. If He had been hit in the liver then I would have bought the whole I'm paralyzed and I can't get up story, But being hit in the ribs by an arm punch I don't by it. 30 million dollars guaranteed.

I'm assuming by your comments that you have never been hit in the liver.

its not just getting punched in the ribs, but getting hit right at a time when you are really vulnerable, Oscar was trying to punch at the same time, actually I think he was going to try throwing a left to the body as well

Oscar has never shown any signs of being hurt like that.He was still in the fight with only three more rnds to go.Why would'nt he at the very least just survive and walk away.It was'nt a dive!!

Just My 2 cents worth...Up untill that point Oscar really hadn't been hit clean, He boxed his ass off for 6 rounds and hadn't done shit to slow Hopkins ,he was clearly gassing when he went down. I have been punched in the Liver, The liver is aligned in front of the body, Oscar was hit in the side of the ribs not the liver.

ODLH taking a dive is the most ignorant fucking thing that I have EVER heard on this forum.

One Hyperbole deserves another, Not a dive in the traditional fixed outcome sense. Just I'm hurt, tired and don't want to continue so I'll writhe on the canvas for ten seconds and take my THIRTY MILLION DOLLARS with my health and good looks intact...dive.

don't forget the body shots and hip shots that Hopkins was landing through out the fight...I think the KO was legit.....just surprising

You are talking about a guy who had never been knocked out before in his life with an incredible legacy and only 3 rounds from the end.

Feck you for even thinking it. What is up with everyone, every single match coming up with some sort of conspiracy. Do you not have enough intruige in your lives?

Ummm...The liver is NOT only in front of the body. The liver's right lobe wraps or contours into our side. Did you think the liver was as thin as paper? We are 3 dimensional, you know.

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You're welcome.

I think the maker of this thread and anyone who agrees with his view should line up and take that same shot that ODH took....when they can breathe again 30 seconds later they can let us know if they think it was a legit punch.

LOL! I'm having a lot of fun at the expense of all the Oscar jockriders acting personally insulted.

There was no conpiracy. A conspiracy implies preplaning. IMO Oscar was hurt by a bigger,stronger man who was gaining momentum as Oscar tired, And in an instant he decided he was hurt and didn't want to risk his health so he writhed on the canvas untill he was counted out and then went on to collect his 30 million dollar check.

Ausgephict ,You are correct about the liver contour but it is protected on the side by the ribs,which is where Hopkins punched Oscar. My point is in order to attack the liver most effectively you punch it in front of the body were it is protected only by the abdominals not bone.

Nard hit Oscar in the floating ribs.

no one who's ever taken a hard liver shot would have started this thread, and replying to it is a waste of time, imo

JH has KO'd the correct with a hard liver shot.

lueng jon is entitled to his opinion. Much stupider things have been said on this forum.

I agree that from the front angle it did not look like much of a shot, but when they showed it from one particular angle you tell there was some juice on it.

From what Oscar said, I do not think it was a liver shot. He said that he just could not breathe. I think that he had a rib dislocate. That can feel like a knife stuck in you and that was the expression that was on his face. I had that happen once and it basically immoblizes you. Moving makes it worse and then boom, it goes back in place and you are fine. To me it looked like a lower hook that hit the floating rib on a 45 degree angle upwards, just right to move the rib.

CK-i have had it happen and pop right back. Sometimes is takes forever to heal. For all that we know Oscar could be feeling like sh-t today, stiff, sore and unable to move. Right after the injury when your body is hot you can feel OK for a while and it sets in later.

every liver shot (if that's what we are calling it) KO I have ever seen seems to affect the fighter the same. A slight pause and then a quick, un-explained crumble to the canvas:

Ex: Heath Herring vs CroCrop

Ex: Leonard Dorin vs Arturo Gatti

and many more...

IMHO the reaction looked legit...I doubt if Oscar was looking for a soft spot on the canvas he would have rebembered to slightly pause.....then fall and practically die in the corner.... the impact point...not the punch itself...ODH's whole side trembles.....a very clean shot no doubt

"A slight pause and then a quick, un-explained crumble to the canvas"

Unexplained? Its the livershot! hehe, just teasin

Also i think its getting punched while in the act of punching, I think of it as getting a short term Hernia.