De La Hoya / Mosley fixed......

I received an email from a freind forwarding an article from the Daily News that was written Jan. 9 stating an investigation has found scales were tampered with and evidence that may prove the decision was fixed along with a lot of other corruption in New York and Vegas in the Boxing Industry

I read that too, horrible news for Boxing

Surprise, drives me nutz man. I'm not the biggest Oscar fan, but what's right is right.

I hope these charges are proven and that boxing gets looked at from inside out so hopefully we won't have any bullshit decisions anymore which is unlikely but it would be nice Reported the Following:

Mosley-de la Hoya II Fixed?
According a law enforcement source close to the investigation, "We have information that the De La Hoya fight was fixed." This news, albeit disturbing, is not totally shocking for those who saw the fight. This is all part of the FBI's on-going 20-month probe looking into alleged widespread corruption in boxing, the New York Daily News reported yesterday. "There are some guys whose fighting records are going to be tarnished, and there are some guys who are going to go to jail. This case is going to be a huge blow to the boxing industry and how it conducts its business."

It's weird that Don King hasn't been mentioned you'd think he would be the first

that's awesome the FBI is looking into boxing. Hopefully something will be done.

I was their in the fifth row , this can't be true it seemed so real, not boxing , boxing can't be corrupt
Leslie Dickens

Someone please fill me in as to what happened in that
particular fight, i've misplaced my tape and can't
recall details....was that the fight that DeLa Hoya
should have won, but lost??

wayne, i think the answer to your question is yes


I saw sweating and everything, this can't be true about the beloved sport of boxing
Leslie Dickens

Thanks softspot, i thought so....there have been so
many bad calls recently, wasn't sure...i gotta find
that tape...

Hey, you're supposed to be working!!! What's up with

lol ...

just went out... hope you find your gloves...