De La Hoya vs Belfort Targeted for Los Angeles


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The fight between Oscar De La Hoya and Vitor Belfort is being targeted for the Staples Center in Los Angeles and has been promoted from an exhibition to an official bout on September 11.

If the September 11 bout does come to pass in California, it will be the first major combat sports event to be held in the venue with fans since the coronavirus pandemic shut businesses down last March. Triller did put on their inaugural event headlined by Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr at the Staples Center last December, though that event did not feature fans in attendance. Currently, the largest high profile combat sports event scheduled for California is Bellator 263 next Saturday at The Forum in Inglewood. It should be noted, the state of California declared that masks would still be required at many indoor venues and it is unknown if the Staples Center will be able to fill to capacity for the event.

RIP Oscar

Oscar just needs to survive Vitor’s 60 second steroid blast. After that Vitor will crumble like he always does.


Vitor on TRT has a gas tank though


need some more thoughts on who is going to win this one guys! my initial reaction is of course, vitor. a good bit younger, in way better shape, and almost certainly trains more and dresses up in women’s clothes less. but oscar is an absolute all time great in boxing, and that means a lot more than it does in mma given the time and numbers of people involved. if he trains seriously i think he has to be favored. i bet the odds go up and down quite a bit on this one jajaja…

Hard to bet against De La hoya, long night for Belfort

WTF has gone wrong with the fight world (or at least a large chunk of it) and us for being interested in horseshit like this?


MMA isn’t giving us the fights we want and so many great fighters are not fighting as well. Jones, Ngannou, Cejudo, Khabib etc. Boxing can give us some unique matchups at this point. I’m interested to see if ODLH can ride his experience to victory here.



On paper you would think Belfort would be the favorite at this point. I wonder what the odds will be?


Trt Vitor?

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wow, a bit suprised dlh is not the favorite. guess he wasn’t as sexy in those womens fishnets as he thought he would be jajajaja…

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Think about it though, this is the kind of freak fight that started MMA.

I remember watching Fedor go against Zulu and Hongman Choi and being fascinated at the time.

I’ll definitely watch De la Hoya vs Vitor, it’s not like we’re talking Paige vs the tranny girl with big tits, this has the potential to be entertaining.

DLH is one of the greats, even at his age he’ll be lightyears ahead of Vitor in boxing skills, but Vitor will be much heavier and on serious amounts of gear (fingers crossed).

We saw Floyd not being able to put away Logan because of the size difference and taking some decent hits. Vitor is a million times the athlete Logan is and a more dangerous fighter in every possible metric. DLH is also not nearly in the shape Floyd is in.

I think TRT Vitor can take it honestly. If he’s not on gear it’ll be a massacre though

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If Oscar trains, hes a good bet

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