De La Riva Guard?

what exactly does the de la riva guard consist of?

Google doesn't work in your state?

I like to use it in conjunction with open guards like cross and spider.

Usually you hook your opponents leg when he is in combat base. You can also get the hook from other positions, but its easiest from combat base.

You can use the hook for sweeps or use it to basically control you opponent. There are also some awesome submission setups from the DLR guard.

I have the most success with a helicopter sweep when I have the DLR hook. But, taking the back is also very easy and high percentage.

DLR against a standing opponent is great... (esp. if you are on the tall side)

Like Jorx just said, DLR guard is great against standing opponent. There hasn't been a lot instruction about this topic in my school and I kinda had to learn it on my own. I had played with it quite a while when I found Rey Diogo's DVD's. There is one disc about DLR guard and after watching this my game skyrocketed. Definetly a hidden gem in the sea of instructionals.

Playing de la Riva guard opened up a whole new can of whoop ass on the combat base and guys standing. Life can not go on w/o DLR. It's primal soup.

That is NOT a picture of the De La Riva Guard.

I don't know what that guy is doin', but that ain't it!

That's more a pic of what Coach Mark Hatmaker calls "Crazy Leggin" --where you get your legs all tangled up with your opponent's legs.

I love DLR guard. I used it last night and you could see the frustration on some of training partners face.....

Him: Yes I am finally standing and his guard has opened. I am going to pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: I am new here so I havent shown you my favorite guard yet.

Him: Thats just not right bro.....

LMAO@crazy leggin'!