DE LA RIVA is coming to the U.S..

To all my friends in BJJ,

I want to invite everyone to my seminars in March, 2004 in Michigan and Indiana. I do not get to come to the United States very often, and I am
really exited about the trip.

I have not been to Michigan and Indiana in more than four years, and am anxious to see how the level of everyone`s game has grow. I want to see all
my friends who supported me and meet new BJJ students from all different schools.

These seminars in Michigan and Indiana will be called "Chess On the Mat", and will be unlike anything you have ever see before !
My Black Belt Marcello C. Monteiro " Monteirao" will be with me to share all the new and exciting positions in BJJ. I will demonstrate great positions
and then Marcello with show the counter and put me in a bad way. After I will show how to escape and set Marcello up for sweeps and submissions.

I guaranee that your BJJ game will grow and we will have a lot of fun !

I will be in Michigan for the seminar on March 13-14th, and available for private classes on the 15-16th. Then I travel to Indiana for private classes
on the 18-19th with a one day seminar on the 20th . And then it is back to Rio !

The seminar and private classes will have limited space so please contact my friend and student Chris Malgeri for more information. His website is

I want to tell everyone that I will share all the details that make my BJJ game work. Nothing will be held back and you will have two good coaches to
watch you and make sure that you learn the right way.
Please save the dates in March and come see me so we can train Jiu Jitsu together. I want to see everyone from all schools support BJJ and share our
love of the game.

See you on the mat,

Ricardo De La Riva

Michigan Seminar Schedule

Saturday March 13th, 2004
12:00-3:00 PM
Sunday March 14th, 2004
12:00-3:00 PM


Jeet Kune Do Gym/
Kali Academy of Martial Arts

31171 Stephenson Highway
Madison Heights, MI 48071

Contact: Chris Magalri 248-616-0580

Indiana Seminar Schedule

Saturday March 20th, 2004
12:00-3:00 PM


Ring Sports

340 S. Mitthoeffer Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46229

Marcello C. Monteiro
# 317-5385593 or 317-890-1033

Please - Pre-register to reserve your spot. Spaces are limited.


ttt for De la Riva

can't wait for the seminar, the one in evensville a few years back was great.
this will be a good time and then its off to the lucky 8 after the seminar , we will be throwed out with
marcello abd sergio eating all the sushi.

This seminar is open to all students of BJJ regardless of affiliation. Our goal is to spread goodwill the BJJ community by sharing our techiniques and making everyone`s level grow fast !

See you on the Mat !

Marcello C. Monteiro "Monteirao"

Do not miss this opportunity. If you want to learn effective and never seen before moves that will catch your opponent by surprise, or if you just want to roll around with a legend of BJJ, just show up. You won't regret it.

the one the only de la Riva

so i get to roll with marcello montiero, sergio silva, AND ricardo de la riva? somebody pinch me.


I would love to be there but am not sure if I can raise the money with hotel and airfare, etc. Are the seminars going to be taped and will the tapes be available for purchase? thanks!