De LaHoya For A Blue Name

One RELIABLE mud namer to bet me. I'll take Oscar for a blue name. I win, you pay me blue. You win, I pay you blue.

Would rather it be someone I have gotten to know a little on here. But if a few people can vouch, I'll take it...

ill take that bet

havent been around much lately....but i always pay bets i i guess im reliable in the UG eyes

im rooting for ODH...but i really think PBF will win

PBF wins, i get a blue name....Oscar wins, you do


if you need someone to vouch for me, im sure QUIK will

ive been here for almost 2 years, lost 2 screen name bets and paid the debt ASAP


TTT until rocco sees it

Rocco you gonna take the bet??

i had to TTT this thread, it was almost off the 100-150 l;ist, therefore us lowly mudnamers wouldnt have been able to retrieve it


HeadButted, we are official. I'm out on a limb here but what the fuck? It's a deal.

Chase, got my blue name bet but I'll go $20 with you. Since I'm straight up for the blue name w/ HeadButted, I guess it's too late to ask for 2:1 odds? Either way, I'll go $20 with you if you want. Or if you want to raise the action, I'll go 2:1 at higher money. ( It's the Italian in me )....

up for Butted and Chase to c

got it

loser starts a thread after the fight?

im rooting for Oscar to win, but i think PBF will outbox and out move him for 12 round decision

either way i will feel good about the end result

Oscar wins, im happy...Pbf wins i get a new blue

pleasure doin buisness with ya Rocco


Ah Axl, there was a time I tried to contribute mightily to this forum. Rogue mods kept closing shop on me and people were threatening to "turn me in".

if theres anyone i would want to buy a blue name for Rocco is it

he was a great contributor to this forum when he was blue

so even if i lose, it will still be a overall win for the UG

Very kind of you HeadButt. If you are ever in town, I may just have to buy you a couch dance at my favorite little hangout...

Up for all important bet.

Oscar wins me a blue name 2 nite bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


To the top. I can't wait to see how this turns out.

mayweather via decison.....sr8 to the bank with this...

You still have those boxing tapes you were trying to unload Rocco? Do you have the majority of PBF's fights and both Castillo/Corralles fights?

HaMMer...I've got tons of boxing fights. Sadly, they just sit there wishing someone would watch them. I guess that's what "collecting" is all about. Yes, I have several PBF fights and Corrales/Castillo among many many others. My email is

HeadButted...Congrats! I owe you a blue name and will start a thread as agreed.