De pano surfing on opponent!! pics

Go to this french forum and you will find pics of De pano surfing on the back of his opponent at the last!!!

can someone post he pics..i do not know how to do


best pics i have ever seen...

i do not know how to doveut-tu apprendre?

what is to come to this one here?

lol, how heavy is he??



When is someone going to punch him in the jaw?


A good question indeed Brett..

That was against Sasaki in ADCC'03. He was like wtf is going on here???

reason number 101 why pe da pano is twat

lol, that is so wrong! I would tap from the humiliation.


Any more pics of this?


Damm that's embarrassing.

actually in the french forum they are explaining that he was moving his arm like if he was really syrfing making strange face and tiirant his tongue..

Looks like a variation of "the owl"

"When is someone going to punch him in the jaw?"

Never, because he will never fight MMA.