DEA leaves student in cell 4 days no food/water

This happened in San Diego, not Nazi Germany. The existence of this agency needs to be extinguished asap.

Agents from the DEA conducted a bust on a house Chong was at, no charges, official arrest, nothing.

They forgot about him and basically left him to die. He had to drink his own piss. He had kidney failure and was in ICU for 3 days.

They settled for $4.1 million. I'm happy he got the money, but why do us taxpayers have to pay for the fuck-ups of a tyrannical agency who nobody even voted in.

old news chief

Pretty old.

Not old to me.

Very old... Dude already got a settlement Phone Post

Crazy I didn't hear about this till apologies for those who had to file this mentally a 2nd time, but that is really fucked up. I'm glad it did make news.

Bunch of fucking news-pedophiles here...










It is a pretty fucked up story though.

Did anyone get charged with kidnapping? Or at least fired from their job? I doubt it Phone Post

must have been a rough 4 days, a mil a day doesn't sound too bad.

Dammit Hank! Phone Post 3.0