Dead Man Down: Colin Farell Is a Great Punisher

Dead Man Down should be called Punisher 2.  Though Colin Farell's character's name is not Frank Castle it might as well be. Same motives and backstory, same approach to taking out bad guys.  Good movie.

If you haven't seen this movie you should check it out on Netflix.

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What did you think of the flick?

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SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIT. Downloaded and watched this based on this thread. Fucking amazing movie. WWE studios did this? Farrell, Rapace, Terrance Howard...

The best movies this year are getting made outside the tentpole system. "Dead Man Down" and "The Purge" are the best films of 2013.


Thanks for posting. Will check it out. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks OP - as a Punisher fan, I'll check it out (even if it's not

As for it being a WWE studios film, most WWE movies have wrestlers in them and are mediocre/corny, but they have done a few good ones. That one from a year or two ago where Halle Berry is a 911 operator (can't remember the name) was pretty good.