Dead Man Walking

Frykland is freaking dead if he doesn't change his gameplan. He is getting tagged at will.

Cung Le's striking is badass

Takedown attempts = 2
Spinning backfist attempts = 3

I haven't smelled thrown fight/work this bad since Coleman's no punches to the head on the ground fight with Takada.

Agree BiggGunn, I was thinking the same thing that this looks like a work.



and the "takedown attempts" were shitty attempts at a clinch....

Fryklund NEVER attacked the legs.

AAAAAND its over.


What a terrible fight. Either that was a work or Frykland was so freaking overmatched that he never had a chance. Terrible.

NO way it is a work. Fryklund was throwing SOME hard strikes in the 2nd round that LANDED.

LOL @ your tinfoil hats.



at the LEAST its a thrown fight.

or we'll find out in two days that Fryklund had some major injury and couldn't pull out and it prevented him from doing ANYTHING resembling working for a takedown.

Good point BiggGunn, that seems as likely as a work. Maybe had injury that prevented him from taking Cung down.