Dead Parkland Kid's Get Out The Vote PSA

That event was far less about guns and way more about the system dropping the ball countless times and allowing a piece of shit to continue on unobstructed. Dumb video.


What does louis ck have to say about it? 

 Vid on YouTube getting ratioed

Happened under Obama.

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Our kid got shot by a mentally ill fruit cake, so nobody should be able to own guns........ shut the fuck up. 


Sick stunt. Using a dead kid for your political nonsense. 

RIP to those kids

Disgusting propaganda. Can’t even use a real victims perspective only fake digital actor playing a victim.


Almost 10 to 1

"Using a dead kid for your political nonsense. "

It’s their kid & their loss; I’m OK with that element of it. Losing a loved one is a fine & common reason to take political action.

That said, my instinct is that I would respond more positively to the parents telling their story directly than through deep fake tech. Their message is lost when I’m too busy asking questions about their judgement.

There’s a larger issue of further desensitizing voters to politics altogether by allowing deep fakes into the process. I think we should be talking about that. I think we fucked up not addressing it better all the way back to “Daisy”.

If they want change then they have to be able to coincide with the very same people they are speaking out against. Only then can any progress be made on that subject. My heart goes out to those parents but at the end of the day it boils down to one thing. A right to own guns, no matter how deadly they are, is still a right. You want to help decrease violent crimes and such? Then start in your own home. Only then should you be allowed to speak out about other peoples rights. 

^Struggling to understand your argument.

Op screen name checks out

These cut scenes from the PS5 GTA look pretty good...

Don’t worry, my guess is that Joaquin will indeed vote in this election.

Disgusting exploitation of a dead kid. I don’t care if his family is involved or not that’s pretty gross. 

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LOL wait what?  Who are the people who value life? Not the DNC or Biden.......

I don't really get the purpose or message of this video.

And it comes off as kind of creepy and disturbing.

I know it's intended to illicit an emotion but, unfortunately, the emotion is one of disgust toward the parents.

Digital necromancy is not the best way to get your message across.

Its GUAC BRO.  Listen to me