Dead to Rights under-rated?

I rented this game awhile back after seeing it on the shelf at mediaplay. I was like, hmm, a Max Payne clone. I wonder how it plays?

Anyways, it was cool, had a good semi-deep story-line, and enough cool and unique stuff to be really different from MP.

I liked MP's story line alot, the graphic novel feel, the crime noir, all the background items like TV and radio (a Rockstar strongpoint, IMO).

But with all the hype of The Getaway and True Crime, the only really badass thing about those were the city layouts, and I think I owuld have to live in those cities to appreciate that effect.

And TC's shooting and aiming sucked. First time I was ever wishing for a mouse instead of a joystick. Almost impossible for me to aim at the head, and get upgrades. And the fighting upgrades and combos seemed lacking.

But in Dead to Rights, they had alot of stuff I liked. The aiming system was badass, easy to get headshots. The dog attacks, the fight scenes, the grapples, etc, all rocked.

Why doesn't this game get more press? I see some sequels are coming out also. TC should've been this good fighting and shooting wise.

The sequel looks good

very underrated game in my opinion

I just finished it this weekend, and was surprised to see how much True Crime was just like it. I think TC is more like DtR than Max Payne or GTA3.

Willybone, I mean when it first came out, DTR seemed liked a MP clone;i.e. a renegade trigger happy framed cop killing 1000's of baddies in a deep storyline. But when I played it, it was different enough, plus the added features like fight scenes, disarms, human shields, dog attacks, etc, really made it it's own game. I only play Rockstar games pretty much, and just happened to see it on the shelf, and then rented it.

You are right, TC is more like this then GTA with the exception of driving. TC to me seemed to emulate the gameplay, but it was not as good,IMO. DTR's was alot better, with aiming and fighting.

It just seems this game is unknown, and True Crime and the Getaway were mucho hypo. About the only thing hey had in common with GTA's was that you could drive. Of course the city layouts on TC/getaway are awesome, but since I don't live there I don't care.

Very underrated in my opinion. I too got this thinking it was another Max Payne clone. But it was like Perfect Dark next to Goldeneye: Same "engine" but much much improved and maxed out. The side games of lock picking, bomb defusing, weightlifting and such were great breaks in the gameplay. The dog kicked ass too, even moreso for getting a weapon than for the kill. Very good game, but the one thing I always hate is the final boss refilling his health meter!

Yeah, I actually had to go to gamefaq on that one. I was shooting that fuck for hours and was like Ok, what's going on? LOL

That game is hard as all hell. With my helmet-tard level learning curve for video games this will take me forever.

I found it actually very easy. You can't be too reckless though. And the clowns in the graveyard took me a dozen tries. But otherwise it was decently challenging.

Loved the game.

i wouldn't say it's under-rated because it's a greatest hits now. meaning it sold a lot of copies.