DeadMan Returning!

I am seriously marking out for the way they are hyping Taker's return. I haven't seen the "lightning" used in years.

I think they'll drag it out awhile before he actually returns.


for the deadman

deadman walking...


I want to see the purple and black with the hat and all, hell, bring back Paul and the Urn while they're at it..

it's the only way...

Actually, it seems that blue is the prominent color, Kane looked like he was part of the Blue Man Group.

I was playing as the Old School Undertaker in WWE Smackdown on PS2, and at first thought: this old costume rocks! After seeing it a few time though, I changed my mind to thinking it looks pretty fruity. I think it's cool that he's being the deadman again, but I seriously hope he doesn't wear that old tie.

yeah, maybe not the tie


Love the ol' dead 'Taker

Hate the current bad ass 'Taker

The old Taker was the wrestler I marked out for most as a kid.

dead man will not be back. Last time taker came back after a break they showed all the dead man clips and everybody got all excited, but he came back as a biker (ROLLIN' ROLLIN' ROLLIN!) wtf!

...deadman will INDEED be returning, and this I know to be a fact from the "inside sources"

Wait and see...


His career is winding down, this will probably be the last run so why not go out like that. The fans want it, and I'm sure he'll have a blast doing it.

I can't wait.

This will be fuckin awesome if it happens!!!

Maybe he'll come back as Mr. America... nah.

Bring back the "Lord of Darkness" gimmick from '98/'99.

I believe it’s the biggest show in Italy? Had one of the biggest premiers ever for L’immortale

Kane should come back as the evil dentist.

Didn't we already see this match at WM 16? I believe that was the one where he faced Kane, came out as the deadman to a bunch of druids holding up torches.

I like the build up they are doing with it, but it may be a little too fast. Anyways I want something new.

Taker never loses at Wrestlemania... Maybe this is it for him? One last match?

i'd flip if saw yankem or the old 'taker again. with brother love! i have that survivor series on vhs somewhere..

Fat Man walking...